I hate my house alarm

I’m not sure I would have installed a house alarm myself but when we moved in, there it was. It seemed silly not to activate it and I think we get a break on our house insurance for it too. I love my house alarm when we are on vacation. The rest of the year, I hate it.

Literally every time I set the alarm I cringe a bit. Even setting it seems loud to me. And, being a light sleeper, just the thought of it going off can make it hard to fall asleep. It is amazingly, screechingly, ear-splittingly loud. Which of course is part of the point but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

So picture this: It’s 3:44 a.m. and I wake up. I don’t know why so I stop to listen for a second… no, none of the kids are walking around so everything is fine. And then I hear a “chirp.” It’s the alarm notification chirp. Not the alarm going off mind you (remember that’s loud enough to make my ear drums explode) but there it goes again… chirp.

I get out of bed to stare at the alarm panel. A unit has a low battery. I know this, it chirped at me last week but I haven’t had time to do anything about it so I bypassed that unit and all seemed peaceful. Until 3:44 this morning. Because all alarm systems need to tell me something is wrong in the middle of the night of course.

I don’t know what to do so I layer 4-5 layers of masking tape over the speaker on the panel and go back to bed.


There isn’t enough masking tape in the world to stop me from hearing it.


I try to do some yoga breathing and focus on the sound of my breath.


I try to plan out my day in detail… say a few prayers… something to help me focus on my inner voice.


I contemplate just getting out of bed, after all I have a lot to do. But I am stubborn and I know I need more sleep.


I remember looking at the clock at 4:48 and telling myself that if I looked one more time I was getting up. Somehow I dozed off but I still woke up before my alarm went off at 5:40. Because… chirp.


One thought on “I hate my house alarm

  1. At least you don’t have a dog that is scared to death of the chirp and decides to sit on your head at 3:44 and won’t leave until the chirping stops! I had to get up and change the battery to get her off the bed. Can’t they make alarms that don’t need batteries so they won’t chirp?

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