My 2013 race wish list

I think I figured out what I should ask for this Christmas, money for race entry fees. This year my wish is to do races that are fun with no crazy goals or pressure attached. And in a sign of what has changed in my running, I might run just as many or more half marathons this year as last year. (Oh how quickly I forget the burnout of long distance training!) If I can do races with friends or family, even better. If I sneak in a new personal best either in distance or time – well that will just be icing on the cake.

March 23
I almost did this last year just because it’s reasonably local, on the campus of Notre Dame and for a good cause. I haven’t decided for sure but this seems like a fun way to kick off the racing season: Holy Half Marathon

April 20
Checking something off my bucket list: My first ever Marathon Relay at Carmel Marathon

April 27
Doing this race just for the thrill of running around Churchill Downs. Then when I have my annual Derby party (just one week after the race) I can exclaim “I RAN THERE!” Kentucky Derby Half Marathon (side note: I’ve already registered for this one and I’m excited but after I registered I discovered that my son’s first communion is the next day. That means I’ll be driving 3.5 hours home after I race. Blech.)

May 5
I can’t imagine not doing this race, it runs past my house for goodness sake, and it’s for a good cause. I’ll be taking it easy after two weekends of big races but I’m sure I’ll be out on the course with my family: Hub Run 5K

May 19
I loved this race last year. Small, great perks and a run in the big city. I’m not sure which distance I’ll run but I plan to go back: Chicago Spring Half Marathon

June 1
I’ll run something here. Will I do the half marathon (the only distance I haven’t run at Sunburst)? Will I race the 10K and go for a PR? Will I run the 5K for fun with a kid or two by my side? Sunburst

July or August
I haven’t found the race yet but this summer I’m training for a triathlon. And if I find the right race and feel strong, I’m going for the Olympic distance for the first time.

September 29
When the weather is hot, mixing up the training with swim/bike/run sounds perfect so I’ll keep my entire summer focused on Tri. I’ll finish with this race which I really missed doing in 2012: Tri the Creek

I travel here this time of year anyway so this seems like a wonderful opportunity to run in one of my most favorite places: Lighthouse Half Marathon

I love the chance to run in Chicago and since I’m boycotting the Hot Chocolate race, this seems like the ‘perfect’ alternative: Chicago’s Perfect 10

That’s honestly more races than I expected to have on my list. I think I love racing because it gives me a reason to train and because it puts a goal in front of me. I do like achieving goals. Anyone want to join me??


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