Race plans for 2014

So I looked back at my Race Wish List from 2013 and I didn’t hit nearly as many events as I thought I would. Holy Half in March? Nope. A repeat performance at the Chicago Spring Half Marathon? Nope. Tri the Creek? Oh I was burned out on triathlon after my Oly this summer. Lighthouse Half in the fall or Chicago’s Perfect 10? No and no.

But I’m not disappointed because I had a great racing season last year. I did my first marathon relay. I accompanied my sister for her first half marathon (and got to run around the Kentucky Derby while I was at it). I ran a half marathon without a watch and came out with my best time ever. I completed an Olympic Triathlon with a smile on my face. It was a good year.

So good, in fact, that I’m having a hard time committing myself to any race plans for 2014. I ended the year on a huge high and as much as I hate to admit it, my Garmin hasn’t been charged in two months. I’m still working out – still running. I just don’t know what – if anything – I want to race in 2014.

I’ll probably sign up for a half marathon or two just because I like the excuse to run long. But what if I just schedule a few 10 milers for fun instead? I might do a triathlon… if a friend asks me… but I may not push for the swim/bike/run for a while.

I’ve had more than one person ask me or try to encourage me to run another marathon. I’m torn on that idea. I do like the idea of running another one because I feel that my first left me with an awful lot to prove. I know I’m a better & smarter runner now than I was in 2011. But I also know exactly what that training takes out of me and I’m not sure I can steel myself up for it again.

So what will I consider running in 2014?

  • I’ll see how I’m feeling in February and maybe I’ll pull the trigger on the Holy Half in March – a race I’ve been looking at for a few years.
  • I’ll see who wants to run Sunburst with me and then see what distance fits best.
  • I’ll try to convince my husband to vacation in Northern Michigan so I can do the Lighthouse Half in the fall because it would be a beautiful course to have stored in my race memory.
  • I’ll look at the Chicago Perfect 10 in the fall because I do like excuses to run in the city.

I may not do any of those races. I most certainly will do a race or two that isn’t on my radar at all. I might only do races at the spur of the moment with no plans. Or I might not race at all, content to hang out on the sidelines and run just for the challenges that are inherent in running.

I’m in a new place with my running. And I’m going to take some time to learn my way around.


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