I need a day of my own

I’ve decided that my work-life balance is skewed. I am busy with work projects (a good problem to have) but that means that I’m spending all my spare moments on the computer trying to squeeze just one more thing out of my day. When things are slower with work I can spread out the projects, take a break from writing to vacuum or do some laundry or run errands. But with things this busy, those “breaks” mean I end up working at night when I should be soaking up time with my kids (or – gasp – my husband).

I’ve had this problem before but this time I’m trying a new solution. I’m going to try and keep Mon-Thurs completely focused on work. Yes, I’ll still take 30-60 minutes each morning to work out (but I figure I’m more productive when I exercise so that’s a win on all fronts). Other than that, it’s all work all day long. If things go as planned, that will give me Friday to get in a long run, catch up on chores, run errands and maybe have a little fun.

It seems like a good plan. I’m on week #1 of said plan so I’m still in the optimistic happy phase of it. Monday went very well. Tuesday… not so well but I have some extra room in Thursday’s schedule to catch the overflow. If I can keep today productive I’m on track to have Friday be my day.

Yes, much of that day will be spent doing work around the house and for my family. But it will still feel like a reward. I’ll be able to take a long lunch and read a book. Maybe even tackle some projects I’ve been wanting to do… organize photos, plan our spring break trip, tackle the mountain of recipes that threatens to explode from my kitchen hutch.

2013 could be the year of balance! Balanced workouts (yoga, swimming, weights – not all running, all the time). Balanced home life. Balanced Barb.

I’m hopeful.


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