Stop choosing fruit snacks

Life is full of choices. It’s a mantra that I tell my children almost daily.

– You can’t always control a situation but you can always choose how you respond.

– Each day you have a choice in how you spend your time – do not blame me when you are panicking at the last minute because you *chose* to lay on the couch and read instead of work on the project.

– If you have a goal in mind, you have the power to get there with your choices.

Good vs bad. Healthy vs unhealthy. Positive vs negative… there are choices in front of you all the time. Even when my kids were very young, say 2 years old, I’d start giving them simple choices. I’d offer them two options for breakfast and let them pick. I’d show them two shirts and let them choose. Letting them know that they have some control and choices to make is empowering. It fosters responsibility and teaches consequences.

– Choose not to do the extra credit? Well then you can’t be angry when you’re one point away from an A at the end of the semester.

– Choose to walk into a room with a smile? The world will smile back.

– Worried about a tricky class? Choose to walk in well-prepared with a positive attitude and you’ll be more successful.

And if you’re 14 and protesting the fact that your mean mother makes you pack your own lunch. And that protest involves buying lunch including a rice krispie treat and two fruit snacks every. single. day. (two of them!) And that decision equals the cost of a second lunch but is full of crap and sugar. You’ll find ala carte privileges removed from your lunch card.


2 thoughts on “Stop choosing fruit snacks

  1. Aww, this is just like the parent meeting where a parent found out his son was buying PopTarts every single day and revoked his priveleges. Yeah, that was a fun one.

  2. Loved this! Somedays I wish I could do motherhood with small children again just so I can try all the good ideas I read…then I snap myself back to reality. I’ll wait for my grandkids and tell their moms all the good ideas. I’ll be sure to give them this one.

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