faith in everyday things

Last weekend I introduced three prayers to my Sunday School class: Act of Faith, Act of Hope and Act of Love. We read and discussed each prayer. I asked them to vote on which they liked best – Act of Love won hands-down. I understand why, it is the easiest to understand when you are 9 years old. One little girl said she liked the Act of Faith the best. When I asked her why she said because faith is the hardest to have of the three so it’s good to have a prayer about it.

Out of the mouths of babes.

In that spirit, and following the Grace in Small Things theme to which I occasionally return, I’ve been looking for faith in everyday, ordinary, small things:

  • – the growing smile of the moon each night this week
  • – a run beneath a row of trees knowing that in just a few months those trees will be full of blossoms
  • – the sound of children’s big, belly laughs
  • – the memory of mountains and canyons and hot springs and waterfalls
  • – my three walking, talking, living gifts from God

One thought on “faith in everyday things

  1. That is beautifully deep and simple that since Faith is the hardest we should have a prayer about it. Love your everyday faith sightings too, especially the children’s laughter and promise of blossoms.

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