A good break

Winter break was just so-so around here. Everyone got sick in one way or the other. The holidays hogged up a bit more time than usual because of their mid-week placement. The kids & I didn’t get to go anywhere or do anything fun. So, I was looking forward to last weekend’s 4-day break more than usual. Sometimes that end of semester/MLK day break seems too soon after winter break. More often, however, it’s the perfect excuse to play with no other obligations.

Friday the kids and I headed to Chicago. Most schools were still in session so hitting the Museum of Science & Industry in the early afternoon allowed us to miss the field trip crowds and almost have the place to ourselves. It was like the good ol’ days of half day adventures. We did experiments with museum staff. We saw an Omnimax movie. Each child picked the one thing they wanted to see and explore and we went through each of those exhibits. It was a fun day.

Saturday we went to Notre Dame and, following our Saturday game-day custom, we walked campus, attended Mass at Sacred Heart and watched a hockey game. My oldest brought a friend, sat in the suite with her father and even got to meet two of her favorite players and convince them to take a picture with her. I’ve never seen a 14yo so excited to be next to a sweaty, stinky boy. My middle child got to bring a friend along and soak up the atmosphere from seats on the ice for the entire game. And the youngest got to be my date for the night. He was a little grouchy about not getting anything special but he rallied for me. (Next game it’s his turn to bring a friend so it will be all good.)

Sunday I took the girls on a shopping marathon. Over six hours of shopping. At the mall even. It was a long day for me but they had a great time. And Monday, the oldest & I took in a movie while the younger two played with the neighbors.

Each day was filled with activity and, speaking for me at least, I was tired by the end of each day. Time spent focusing on the kids. Building a few memories. It was a good break.


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