The weather swallowed my balance

At the beginning of the month I said I was seeking more balance. I planned a conscious effort to stay focused on work projects Mon-Thurs so that Friday could be more focused on chores & errands (and the occasional fun activity). The first week worked perfectly. The second week was pretty good too and I even got to use my Friday to take my kids to Chicago. The third week was all messed up – partly because my kids were home from school on Monday so Monday I didn’t work much and partly because I spent all day Friday driving to Indy, working in meetings and then driving home.

Even though my work/life schedule was a little discombobulated – I still kept my new workout plan intact. I love looking at my DailyMile weeks this month. They are filled with variety: running, yoga, time on the bike, swimming, walking, more running. That piece of the new balance plan has been great.

So, I started this week with all intention of getting things back on plan! (What exactly does it say about me that I have to *plan* to be more balanced and have some downtime??) My workout schedule was in my head. My projects were evenly distributed through the week. I have fun Friday plans. I was determined.

Then the weather turned freakishly warm. As in 60 degrees in January warm. So Monday I ran far more than 30 minutes. And when I was on that longer run I came up with all sorts of fun meal ideas for the week using my new cookbooks so my grocery plan took longer than expected. Before I knew it, almost my entire morning was gone. Then Tuesday – a day that my plan calls for 45 minutes or so of working out at the gym – I spent over an hour running. It was so warm! I was wearing shorts! In January! I had to do it. And just like Monday that little block of extra time threw me off and my day was not as productive as it should have been.

So here we are on Wednesday. My to-do list is long. My day is chopped up because of an elementary school awards program. But good news…


that should help keep my head in focus.


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