But what’s your favorite?

You ever notice that kids are obsessed with favorites? Favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite sports teams, favorite shark species, favorite socks… kids always have favorites. I had a conversation about favorites yesterday with my middlest and it made me realize that I don’t feel quite as committed to having favorites as I used to:

E: It’s so cold! Don’t you wish it was summer right now?

Me: No I don’t. I know a lot of people wish for summer in the winter but I never do. I enjoy each season for what it brings.

E: So is winter your favorite season? Because my favorite is spring.

Me: I don’t have a favorite season. Well, I suppose fall is my favorite if I had to pick but really I like every season.

E: Really? Every season?

Me: Yes, I’d be sad if I lived somewhere that did not have four distinct seasons.

And I’d be sad if there was only one color or one flavor of ice cream… I certainly have preferences but I honestly can’t think of a category where I only like ONE thing the best. I’m either over having a favorite or I’ve turned into a three year old who always has at least five answers when asked to name a favorite.


One thought on “But what’s your favorite?

  1. I definitely have a favorite season (spring), but we just had a conversation in my house the other night about favorite desserts and I absolutely could not pick one because I love them all so very much. Same with food. I can sort out things that I don’t like as much as others and things that I like more than others, but I can’t pick a favorite.

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