Another weekend, another kid

Last weekend I had the privilege of playing the piano accompaniment for my 11yo’s first state music competition. This weekend I got to watch my 14yo tear up the pool. It’s been fun to be a parent around here lately.

My swimmer has been having a great season, dropping times in nearly every single meet, but we’re at the point in the season (only one meet left) where it’s hard to cut times. Yes, she should be peaking in condition but the time drops that happen at this stage are typically a second or even fraction of a second. She’s been hanging on to times that are within a second of making Divisional competition and she just keeps hitting within that second without dropping.


But this weekend she dropped and she dropped big. She looked strong. She got out of the pool with a smile on her face because she knew she turned in a solid effort. And – better yet – she has steadily improved over time. She happens to be on a team with a handful of girls in her age group who are phenomenal swimmers. I know it’s been discouraging at times to work so hard but feel like she’ll never compete just because she happens to have some girls on her team that are exceptional. But she hasn’t given up. And that’s the best part for me. She has grown leaps & bounds in many ways.

I couldn’t be prouder.


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