Guilty pleasures

Come on… we all have them. Things we do when no one else is around. Or maybe when others are around but we’re hoping they don’t notice. Regardless of what you choose to share on Twitter or Facebook – no one is perfect. 🙂 Here are some of my guilty pleasures (add some of your own so I don’t feel alone):

  • Chocolate after lunch. Just a little – a handful of dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses… a square or two of Ghiardelli dark chocolate caramels.
  • Downton Abbey lunch hours. I don’t often take a full hour for my lunch break (unless I’m out with a friend) but once a week I plop myself in front of the TV and watch Downton Abbey while I eat. Working from home has its perks.
  • Letting the kids play on the ipod/ipad/kindle too long. Because sometimes it’s the only way I can meet that last deadline.
  • Sleeping in on Saturday. It rarely happens but last weekend I slept for nine hours. NINE. Crazy good.
  • Magazines. I love magazines… Oprah, Runner’s World, Cooking Light… I have a stack that beckons for some light reading with lots of pretty pictures.
  • Brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. Not often mind you but my favorite snack right now is a pop tart with a warm cup of tea… Mmmmm.
  • Crawling into bed early so I can stay up late reading a good book.
  • Playing bingo.

8 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures

  1. I second the brown sugar pop tarts and tea, delicious!

    I will add: Eating slices of a dark chocolate orange that I have hidden in the back of a refrigerator shelf at random times of the day.

  2. I may or may no also participate in illicit bingo games….

    Also, sometimes, I order a custom box of sees candy, with all my favorites, just for me and hide it where only I can find it.

  3. Swedish fish. They are my goo, even when I have not run and have no intention of running 🙂

    Bubble baths – every day in the winter.

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I LOVE the fancy houses & clothes.

    Taco bell (Nachos Supreme w/ no tomatoes) must be brought home on any night with a church meeting.

  4. My whole life is one big study in guilty pleasures. I eat nachos more than most people realize–or at least, they probably believe that my constant nacho talk is a joke. Like, probably six days a week. In fact, I’m on prep right now and I’m about to go make a plate of nachos because I always keep queso and chips in our teacher prep room.
    Entenmann’s Donuts. If I walk past the box in the grocery store, I have to buy it. I can’t resist. Then I have to eat one in the car.
    Comfy clothes. If I’m at home, I’m in yoga pants, a tank top and a sweatshirt within three minutes of stepping foot inside the door. I hate regular clothes with a burning passion.
    When Tommy wakes up early on the weekends, I pretend sleep to see if Shane will get up with him and leave the room. Sometimes it works.

  5. – Every week when I do the grocery shopping I buy myself some sort of chocolate or candy that I hide in my purse or bedside drawer.
    – The Bachelor every Monday and Teen Mom whenever I remember to PVR it
    – With the super-cold weather lately I’ve been pulling my snow pants and parka on over my PJs for the dog’s early morning walks.
    – Super long showers on Fridays when the house is otherwise empty

  6. -I having a small amount of chocolate or ice cream almost every night
    -I drink THREE cups of coffee every morning and I’ll never give it up
    -I will take a shower until the water heater runs out
    -When I go grocery shopping every week I buy myself a latte to drink while I shop!
    -I also like to catch up on blogs on my lunch at work
    -Also, I secretly love nights at home alone without my husband lounging and watching girly movies or shows, taking a bath and going to bed super early

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