Grace in small things for Lent

Lent started this week. This year I’m determined that Lent not be seen as a drudgery in this house. I’d much rather steer the kids towards the idea of Lent as a renewal and preparation for something wonderful. In that spirit I’ve decided to return to my Grace in Small Things reflections each week. If you have any to add, I’d love to hear them.

Grace in Small Things Week 1

  • the sounds of a freshly tuned piano and music played by my own fingers again
  • the reminder in yoga to be mindful and not willful
  • a nice, chatty run with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a month
  • the laughter of friends
  • watching my daughter toss her newly shorn hair and smile when she thinks no one is watching
  • a good book and a quiet Friday night in which to dig into it

One thought on “Grace in small things for Lent

  1. I’m behind in my blog reading and am just reading this now.

    Our first mass on Lent was interesting. Our priest was talking about how often people choose to give something up for Lent – alcohol, chocolate, etc (I think he also possibly made a comment eluding to sex which I chose to pretend I didn’t hear – awkward!) His comment was: eh – is that really the point or are you just missing out on a good cheeseburger? He reminded us how the Easter season is when we welcome new members to the church, some adults receive full initiation, many more people come to confession and receive forgiveness, etc. He suggested that during Lent we focus more on these things – acceptance, forgiveness, inclusion, and so on.

    So Amara left quite happy that she didn’t have to give up cookies in her lunch this year. 🙂 Instead we’re going to think of some concrete ways that we can include/accept/forgive.

    I found it interesting. Not only because it lets me eat chocolate.

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