Grace in Small Things for Lent #2

I woke up this morning and found my routine changed. Instead of reading a scripture reflection, answering emails and writing this post, I found myself bundling up and grabbing a shovel. It’s only the second time this winter that I’ve had to shovel. It was early. Dark. The snow was surprisingly thick & heavy – not deep though. I didn’t take my ipod. I only saw one other person out early clearing the snow. I lifted a few names in prayer along with the shovelfuls of snow. I took some deep breaths and was thankful for energy and strength. I peeked over my shoulder to watch the lights come on in my daughters’ bedrooms and knew they were awake and getting ready for their day.

There was grace out there in the snow. Here are some other places where I noticed grace this week:

Grace in Small Things

  • The feel of cold, cold air rushing into your lungs as you start on a winter run and how that feeling changes as you warm up and conquer the weather.
  • Dinner with just my two favorite boys.
  • The relief of a long walk.
  • The exhaustion from a hard workout.
  • The memory of mountains.



One thought on “Grace in Small Things for Lent #2

  1. This was really beautiful. The quiet solitude is part of why, although it sucks getting up early, I really do mostly enjoy running before work. There’s something about being out alone before the rest of the world is up that sets your soul right.

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