I tri, you tri, we all tri!

Yesterday was the annual indoor triathlon at our Y. This event was my very first taste of triathlon four years ago. While it is quite different from an outdoor triathlon, it sparked a love for this sport. I have always felt in best shape and been happiest with my workouts when they are varied. Triathlon by its very nature is varied. Plus it is like three races in one – three times the challenge… actually four since you want to improve in each leg AND you have an overall goal. I love triathlon.

Last year I convinced my oldest daughter to do the indoor tri with me. She enjoyed it enough to have another go-round with me yesterday. I loved having her by my side but she wasn’t the only child involved. My other two came along to cheer us on. They moved from pool to the cardio room with us. They handed us water. Gave out high fives while we were on the treadmill. Took pictures…


They have seen me run races before – even saw me finish my very first sprint triathlon – but since this event was an indoor tri, they were able to watch from start to finish. When we were finished they both asked if they could join us next year. The organizers said yes ๐Ÿ™‚ The indoor tri is a perfect format for them to join in because it’s all based on time not distance. You swim as far as you can in 10 minutes, bike as far as you can in 15 and run as far as you can in 15. There’s no worry about being able to train the kids to go a certain distance, they just challenge themselves individually.

Assuming no one changes their mind, I’ll have the joy of racing an event with all three children by my side. That might just be the best thing to come out of all my crazy training, racing and challenges.


7 thoughts on “I tri, you tri, we all tri!

  1. Love the picture of the two of you on the treadmill! I also love that you PRd this year and that next year, both kids plan on doing it. What a great feeling.

  2. So fun! I hope my daughter is someday interested in joining me for a run sometimes. I am not a triathlon person but this indoor version sounds tempting, even to me. The swimming is what keeps me from doing it.

    1. I think the swim keeps many people from it – particularly when you’re doing an open water swim. There are often triathlons that hold the swim in a pool and that’s a great way to go if you’re worried about the swim. It is such a fun challenge!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! And (about to make this about me, sorry), it sounds like something I could do! I’d be walking, not running but with it being about time instead of distance – who cares!

    Hmmm…. will have to look around and see if we having something like that around here…

    1. You could totally do it!! Last year my husband joined me. He’s not a strong swimmer and he literally walked in the pool until he couldn’t touch, swam to the wall, pushed off and walked some more. Rode the bike hard and then walked the entire time on the treadmill. There are no rules here – it’s all about seeing what you can do in the time you are given.

  4. I love this! What a great format to get everyone involved. Time instead of distance is a fantastic idea. Congrats to both of you and can’t wait to see how the whole family does next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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