What I wish (but maybe not)

I’m having one of those days – a day where the to do list is probably too long to accomplish. I try to get things done in the early hours but I can only do projects that require little bits of time because I have many interruptions for important things like finding items and reminding children to pack backpacks. The big girls will be off to school soon and it dawns on me… if J were that age, my morning could start nearly two hours earlier.

TWO HOURS! I could do so much in those two hours. Those two hours would be like gold. I wish I was at the stage where I said goodbye well before 7:30 and was able to start my day.

Then again, when I’m at that stage it will also mean I’m past the stage of sitting on the couch with J and reading a book before school starts. Far past the stage of eating breakfast with him and having important conversations about recess plans. Far, far past the stage of getting a long good morning hug.

Maybe I don’t want to wish for those two hours quite yet…

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