Grace in Small Things for Lent #3

Some days it’s easier than others to see God’s grace around us. Some days it’s hard to even remember to look. Most of my week seems to have fallen into the latter category I’m afraid. Nothing exceptionally bad happened, it just has been a difficult week to get through.

Some weeks are like that, even in Australia.

I am thankful today that I committed to this weekly effort for Lent. Otherwise, I’d be spending my morning grumbling about having to change my long run plans because of fresh snow on the ground. It’s getting hard to find enough streets that have space for me to run safely. And I’d be complaining that I have a stubborn migraine that is slightly duller this morning but still here. And I’d be complaining that I have to get up at 5am both Saturday & Sunday this weekend and I think I’m coming down with a cold.

But I’m not giving energy to complaining 😉 I’m going to focus on this instead…

Grace in Small Things

  • Beer and cheese
  • A new spark of intensity in my son’s eyes
  • The way it feels to hold a warm cup of tea while wrapped up in a blanket on a cold night
  • Overheard giggles from my youngest when he was doing something all alone and the subsequent look & laughter between me & my oldest

5 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things for Lent #3

  1. Beer… cheese… and hot, chewy pretzels!

    It’s been a long, long week for me, too. My headache is persisting as well, I wish the weather would settle into a calmer pattern.

  2. Remember how you tell me that you like living where you have 4 seasons instead of the 77 degree weather we had today. So be thankful for the snow. We had our first game for baseball season tonight.

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