It must be Monday

Some days I wake up and have a writing theme or idea or event in my head. Other days I have a jumbled mess. Guess which day today is?

1. I had to get up at 5am both days this weekend to get my daughter to her swim meet on time. It’s not cool when you have to set an alarm on the weekend. When that alarm is earlier than the alarm you set for the rest of the week, it’s really not fair.

2. There’s a snowstorm coming. I like snow. Really, I do. I was sad all winter that we never had any snow. I didn’t even pick up a snow shovel until February. I didn’t even know where the snow brush for my car was until last week. Now it is March and we are supposed to get the biggest storm of the winter. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that it is MARCH and while snow in March isn’t unheard of, blizzards are supposed to happen in January NOT March.

3. We need a new wifi router. Rebooting the current one has gotten to be a daily routine around here and it’s ridiculous. Know what’s more ridiculous? we’ve had a new router for almost a month just sitting on my desk and I haven’t found the time to install it.

4. My son has reached the age where he has to try out for little league baseball. All the kids make a team but there is a draft. I look at him and I realize he’s getting to the age where things start to get a little more intense. But I seem to have a mental block that’s he’s actually at an age where things should start to get more intense. I just want him to try his hardest and have fun. I’m beginning to feel like that’s too much to ask. Good news though, he thought tryouts were “kind of exciting.”

5. I know you’re not supposed to complain about your chosen Lenten obligation but I’m getting so tired of planning a week’s worth of meals around mine. This not eating meat thing when everyone around me is eating meat, is a pain.

6. Week five of Half Marathon training kicks off today. I feel like the half is so far away (April 27). I used to follow a schedule and feel like race day was zooming at me with a sense of impending doom. Now I feel like it’s never going to get here.

7. Our church is offering a new Sunday evening Mass. Our weekend schedule made this Sunday evening Mass a good option so we tried it out. I think there were 32 people there. It was the fastest Mass my kids have ever been too. Now they want to go every week.

I’ve got more floating around in this silly head of mine. Hoping a good run and productive day start shaking some of it out. And so Monday begins.


4 thoughts on “It must be Monday

  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! It’s definitely too late for snow, but we don’t get any in Texas, so enjoy a little for me. 🙂

  2. I’m so over snow. Kay has track starting next week and we need to buy her some warmer gear – she’s had to use my tights when we’ve gone on a few runs together. It’s crazy.

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