Things I see: Snow

I am the snow shoveler in this house. I don’t mind most times – it feeds my sense of order to see the immediate progress as I clear the driveway. However, a couple of times each winter I have to call out my husband to help clear the snow – usually when it’s really heavy because then my 45-60 minute job nearly doubles in time.

So let me tell you about this March snow storm. Yesterday around 2pm my house looked like this:


Isn’t that cute? It was bare grass in the morning and then it started to get covered up but look, you can still see our landscaping along the sidewalk. It fell fast and furious during the afternoon hours. At least six inches worth by bedtime. I shoveled two times yesterday. It took 90 minutes because it’s a heavy snow – the kind that’s great for making snowmen but lousy for shoveling.

This morning it looks like this:


No landscaping in sight. There was another 3-4 inches of the heavy stuff waiting for me this morning. And the bottom of the driveway was brutal from the snow plows. And my husband/helper? Not home. He had an out of town meeting and couldn’t get home because of the weather.

But I’m not complaining even though it took nearly an hour to get halfway thru my driveway. A friend who plows parking lots drove down our street on his way home. Saw me plodding my way through the snow and waved me off to finish the job with his truck.

I told his wife not to take it personally but I almost crawled into the truck and kissed her husband.


2 thoughts on “Things I see: Snow

  1. Once years ago, Shane and I were snowed in at my parents’ house. I don’t remember where they were, but it was one of those epic 2 feet of snow storms that we used to have. My parents have a long country driveway. Shane and I started digging it out when a farmer came along with a plow attached to his tractor and did the whole driveway for us. I know exactly what you mean about how you could’ve kissed him.

  2. I don’t shovel snow hate it when we lived in New York if they didn’t plow it we didn’t leave. You are a better woman than me 😉

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