Grace in Small Things for Lent #4

This week flew by. Seriously, wasn’t yesterday Monday? It must not have been because I don’t remember Monday. Zoom. I’m glad that I’m taking a few moments to look at the week, to remember the things that I didn’t always take the time to notice.

Grace in Small Things

1. The concept of meeting people (and myself) where they are.

2. Surprising myself.

3. A long run with no ipod. I usually listen to music or podcasts on my long runs but the ipod was dead. I was initially dreading the long stretch of silence – more than two hours with no one to talk to and nothing to hear. Instead, I heard birds chirping and noticed things I may not have otherwise. It was nice.

4. Filling my foyer with beach towels so the kids had a place to put their snowy boots, coats, pants etc. That hasn't happened all winter.

5. My first taste of Cadbury eggs this year.

6. Being showered in snow. The snow that fell this week is the heavy kind that sticks to all the branches. I was running beneath a row of trees, noticing how pretty the snow looked on them, thinking how in just a month or so they will be filled with blooms (I will run this route many times in the spring because it's so pretty) and suddenly a small puff of wind blew and a layer of snow flew off the branches… sparkled in the sun… and showered on & around me like confetti. I laughed out loud.


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