Just another weekend

Someone asked me yesterday how my weekend was, I responded that it had been a nice, easy weekend. She said it was the same for her family – they had been home all weekend and wore pajamas all day Saturday. That’s when I realized that my “easy” and others is different.

My easy weekend went like this…
– Friday night my family lead Stations of the Cross at our church
– Saturday morning two kids and I headed over to Notre Dame (a 75 minute drive) to watch a lacrosse game (fun) and have lunch with my Dad (also fun) then drove home and went to Saturday night Mass.
– Sunday morning we were up and at Sunday School by 8:15. The girls had practice for the Living Stations of the Cross from 12-2. J had baseball practice from 2-3:30 – during which time E and I went to the library and hit the Y for a workout.
– Sunday evening was taken up by half the family going to Mass (the ones that didn’t go Saturday) while J and I worked on a school project.

And somewhere in there I did a bunch of laundry and cleaned the house.

You know… a nice, easy weekend.


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