Feeling like an invalid

Figures, just when I’m starting to feel really good about my workout plans – feeling strong and in great shape, my body decides to revolt. I threw my back out yesterday. As in = felt like someone stabbed me, saw stars and gasped… then had to find a way to walk the 1+ mile home. I was able to get into my chiropractor about an hour later. (I have had back problems for years but can only think of two times that it was this bad.) She said she would have assumed I’d fallen or been through some sort of trauma because of how badly messed up things were in my lower back.

What’s weird is that I had no warning. I’ve learned to recognize when things are slipping out of place. I take myself straight to the chiro and am rarely in a place where I lose mobility. This time however, I just had a stiff back. I decided to go for a walk and easy run to loosen up so I could stretch really well. My back had other plans.

Now, I can’t sit. Right now I should be driving south to attend a client meeting this morning. Instead I had to cancel because there’s no way I can sit in a car for over an hour, sit in a meeting all morning and then drive home. I have visions of getting there and not being able to get out of my car.


The only position that is comfortable is reclining so there’s no pressure on my hips or lower back. So I’m living a life of leisure for the second day in a row. While propping up the laptop so I can also try and get some work done. While feeling terribly guilty that I can’t do laundry or unload the dishwasher. While trying to be patient and hope that things feel remarkably better in a couple more days.

I’m doing everything I’m supposed to – I’m icing, stretching and moving around. I’m not a very patient patient however. Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Feeling like an invalid

  1. I wish you luck and a speedy recovery. That must be so frustrating. You’ve got a schedule to keep, damn it. 🙂 Does your chiropractor do massage too? That might make recovery a little more bearable.

  2. Well, this is really lame.
    The good news is that your girls are feeling better so they can take care of you today! Right? Right?

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