Decorating for Easter

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch this week. There’s a decent chance I have spent more time on the couch in the past few days than I’ve spent here all year. (Yes, I’m propped up and reclining on couch pillows right now. Jealous? Don’t be.) And as I’ve been lying here I’ve noticed that I still have a few winter decorations lingering in my living room. A handful of snowmen are cheerfully tucked in among the vases. A few books about snow and winter are on the shelf where I occasionally put seasonal story books.

I have decided it is time to put these snowy items away. And now that I’ve thought about it, it’s driving me crazy.

And since I’ve decided it’s time for the smiling snowmen to take their chilly cheer back to the basement until next winter, I might as well get out some Easter decorations while I’m digging around in the basement. I don’t usually decorate for holidays more than 7-10 days ahead of time (except Christmas of course). Think it’s too early to decorate for Easter? Will my wreath of spring colored eggs look silly on the door as snow flurries fly around it? Will I get tired of my hand-painted ceramic eggs if I put them up now?

Or will it give me an excellent excuse to go buy more mini Cadbury eggs?

I think a trip to the basement is in order today. And if some Easter candy makes its way into my cart at the grocery store, that’s purely coincidental.


2 thoughts on “Decorating for Easter

  1. Luke just looked at the top of my bookshelf last night and said, “You need to take the Valentine’s and winter stuff… that’s over!” I’m thinking you and Luke are both right and it’s time for Easter, even if the weather doesn’t agree. If not just for an excuse for the Cadbury eggs and jelly beans.

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