Grace in small things for Lent: the final week

It is the last Friday of Lent. This weekend is Palm Sunday and then Holy Week is in front of us. I’m happy that I’ve maintained my obligations during this special season and honestly feel that I’ve found a new focus in my actions. Holy Week is always somewhat intense but I’m looking forward to the renewal it brings. It has been a good Lent (and no, that’s not an oxymoron).

Grace in Small Things

  • Laughter & discussion in a small, faith-sharing group.
  • A string of quiet, productive days just when I needed them.
  • Reading aloud to my son.
  • Gathering with friends.
  • The sound of music.

I have yet another busy weekend in front of me but I’m hoping to find some pockets of time to read – because every book I had on hold came in at the exact same time of course. If there’s any downtime in this weekend’s crazy schedule it will be a very large grace.


One thought on “Grace in small things for Lent: the final week

  1. I hope you find those pockets. I’m laughing at us having the same book dilemma. I just lost some of the pockets of time that I thought I was going to have to read!
    ps, I miss you. I know you leave on spring break soon, but we need to find some face time.

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