little kids vs big kids

I had my nieces and nephew here for the weekend – ages 5, 3 and 1. It was fun (it always is) and an adjustment back into the world of monitoring when kids use the bathroom and when kids have a snack and how much longer it takes to go anywhere when you have to buckle little people into car seats.

While I was assembling lunches on Saturday, my oldest said “You must really miss having little kids around.” She said this while watching me cut the PB&J into a star shape while also laying out the ham & cheese lunch in the shape of a flower – crackers in the middle, small pieces of ham & cheese the petals. I looked at her and said “no, I don’t *miss* having little kids around. I like having them around but I don’t *miss* it.” She went on to say that I must miss it because look at how much work I was putting into fun lunches and little adventures and singing songs etc. “But that’s what I do for little kids,” I reminded her. “That’s what I did for you every single day.”

Little kids are fun because you can make visiting the library an adventure. Because you can sing a song about getting ready for bed and they will stop complaining. Because they love to snuggle next to you on the couch and read books. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of challenges – especially when you have the demands of multiple little children at the same time. It makes for some tired days. But I loved those days. Just like I love having big kids.

Big kids are fun because you can take them on 4,000 mile road trips filled with hiking and exploring. Because they share their interests and conversations. Because they take care of their own bedtimes. 😉 They still bring tired days – sometimes for very different reasons – but I love these days too.

Kids are pretty fun at all ages. We have them for such a short period of time that it’s worth all the extra efforts of star-shaped sandwiches and trips to the mall.

2 thoughts on “little kids vs big kids

  1. I was waiting for the part where you said that yes, you did, and I was going to swoop in with my offer to drop Tommy off for dinner. I see you’ve prevented that.
    (But seriously, I love the message.)

    1. Ha! It was pretty obvious to both of the adults in this house that we don’t mind being finished with that phase of our parenting lives!

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