A little dash of denial

The Easter bunny has not done any shopping for a certain three baskets.

I’m hosting Easter brunch on Sunday and I have no idea what I’m making.

We’re taking the kids on a six-day road trip starting the Monday after Easter and, while I have the main plans done, I haven’t looked at our route or a few other important options. I also haven’t done a darn thing to clean the house or even considered packing.

I’m going to be out of town all day tomorrow for work meetings.

I’m going to escape for a fun overnight on Thursday.

Oh, and I’m ridiculously busy with work. Ridiculously.

So basically, I have some fairly significant tasks to get done and I have a limited (and shrinking) amount of time in which to do them. And yet, I still read at lunch yesterday and stopped working before dinner. I continue to step over the stuff that was dumped in my office a week ago by a certain 8 year old boy. And I’m pretending that today’s run will be productive because I’ll be thinking of my Easter brunch menu.

Just a bit of denial can do wonderful things for a person’s outlook.


3 thoughts on “A little dash of denial

  1. Have a glass of something yummy for me when you go out Thursday night. I’m feeling a bit resentful about all of my friends taking trips over spring break while I sit at home bored.

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