when the training goes awry

So I’m running a half marathon next month and I started a training plan in February. Then in March I threw the plan out the window to jump up my distance and run a half just for fun. Then five days before that race I threw out my back which, in essence, has caused my training plan to mock me mirthlessly.

I’m running the April race for fun and support – no time goals or pressure. As long as I hit a three more long runs I should be strong. Except I won’t run long next week because of vacation so…. as long as I hit *two* more long runs I should be strong.

Let’s just call my 2013 race plan: Unprepared.

The Barb from 2010 would call this Barb a lunatic. There’s no way she could even conceive of running a half marathon with no real plan. Just thinking “half marathon” made Barb of 2010 want to throw up. (I’m not joking.) But today’s Barb is just looking to feel strong and have fun with her running. Today’s Barb even thinks half marathons and the long runs leading up to them are fun.

So, let’s change that perspective. My training hasn’t gone off track. My training is just going along with a new relaxed plan. I should write a book “Train With A Smile.”


6 thoughts on “when the training goes awry

  1. Unprepared but smiling is still perfect! Because in the end, isn’t that why you do this? For inner peace and joy? Because, I am pretty sure that even though the medals and impressing your friends is nice, it is NOT why you run. Keep rocking the smile!

  2. I would like an autograph copy for Chanukah please. I like to run and I like to laugh, so the two together should be awesome. But then I am already laughing at my pitiful old lady running now.

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