The early morning run is my nemesis

I’m a morning person. I wake up before everyone in the house. I enjoy getting my day started early and love when I can cross things off my list before 8am. So you’d think an early morning run would totally fit my personality. You’d be wrong.

I don’t know what it is but running in the dark kills me. It makes the run seem long, torturous and then I hate it. I could go to the Y and use the treadmills to get out of the dark but… treadmills are also long, torturous and hateful.

I have a busy day – frankly the next five days are busy. (Let’s just admit it, my life is busy.) So last night I told myself that if the forecast was clear I’d run as soon as the alarm went off. That was an hour ago and I’m still sitting inside.

However, now it’s not dark. I can still run and get back before the carpool comes to pick up the girls. I should go, right?

Then I waited five more minutes so I could give Miss E a good morning hug. Now if I don’t get out the door in the next three minutes, I will have lost my opportunity.

Okay, okay – I’ll go.

P.S. I went and a torrential downpour hit about a mile into my run and I was completely soaked. Early morning runs really are my nemesis.

3 thoughts on “The early morning run is my nemesis

  1. So, what you’re saying is you don’t want to become my 4:30 running partner? If it weren’t for doing laps around my block, I would love the dark. When it’s warm, anyway. This week was nice, but the laps are kind of torturous. It helps me when I actually get to run outside of my neighborhood, though, and see real sights in the sunshine! Proud of you for heading out the door even when you didn’t want to!

    1. You wouldn’t want me. The few times my running friends talk me into pre-dawn runs they see a very grouchy, grumbling Barb.

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