Friday observations

I did a 20 minute ab workout yesterday. It was a new workout for me so I expected to feel a little sore this morning. And I am, but not in my abs – in my glutes. There was a move called the pendulum that is kind of hard to describe but my outer hip would prefer I never engage in that nonsense again.

I needed a super productive week to catch up on work projects. I only had a moderately productive week and I’m not sure why. It’s frustrating. Especially since I have a weekend that looks like it has very few chances to catch up or even rest so I have more energy to stay on top of things next week.

I am so worn out that I couldn’t even make a decision on dinner last night. Usually that’s not a huge deal but my husband was also in an unusually indecisive mood. This resulted in feeding the kids three different meals at three different times and take-out for us at 7pm. A perfect illustration of why I normally plan every meal of the week.

I’d like to complain about the weather but I am tired of everything having to do with this climate that refuses to be spring. I am convinced that it will leap from 40s to 80s with no in between. And with my luck, it will do so in two weeks on the day I’m running a half marathon.

Tonight I am making the winning dinner from our NCAA pool. Miss E had Louisville so she got to pick the menu. We’ll be having a chicken alfredo pasta bake and red velvet cake for dessert. J had Michigan and had a four-course meal planned. I wasn’t rooting for Louisville during the game, but their win does make tonight’s dinner a lot easier.

J is going to a birthday party Sunday afternoon for one of his best friends. It’s a Nerf War party and he is beyond excited. When I asked him what he wanted to give his friend (actually friends because they are twins), I was pleasantly surprised by his pick. He wants to give each of them a gift card for a bookstore because “they like to talk about books a lot.” The books they like often have to do with history, specifically World War II, but still – reading for the win!

And now it is time for me to eat some breakfast, usher the girls out the door, fold some laundry, spend time with J before walking him to school and then head out for a 12 mile run. It’s a busy morning in these parts. Here’s hoping it leads to a productive afternoon before a busy weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday observations

  1. Chicken alfredo pasta bake??? How yummy! Can the recipe be shared?
    And I tell myself as I’m running in not so great conditions (dark ‘o thirty, rain, cold, wind, all of the above) that I WILL BE STRONGER AFTER THIS WORKOUT! Hope your weekend rocks though!

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