It’s race week!

Since the beginning of February my running has been focused on what’s scheduled for the next three weekends:

April 20: Marathon Relay
April 27: Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon
May 5: local 5K

I’m not planning to “race” any of these events. I’m sticking with my goal of running for fun. I want to be strong and have a smile on my face. I’m hoping for great weather, lots of laughs and planning to help a few others get through some new challenges. I’m toying with the idea of tacking on one more race on in May. Probably will do one in the beginning of June and then I think I’m taking the summer off racing.

Well… I might train for a triathlon. But I am not planning to run for more than an hour all summer. Looking to mix things up. Add in another weekly yoga session. Start building up the bike “calluses.” It was hard to run long all summer last year. A good challenge, but not one I’m ready to repeat this summer. I’m hoping for a summer that includes lots of fun fitness opportunities. And if I can convince my kids to join in the fun, all the better.


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