Looking for grace in a sad week

I almost feel guilty for living in my warm, safe house in a small town here in the Midwest. We really only have the weather to complain about around here – and considering the weather has caused serious flooding in areas nearby (but not here) I can’t even complain about that. I feel like the surrounding world is sad but my kids are running in the door after school, playing with friends, laughing… I’m watching our normal life go on while at the same time watching things around us that are far, far from normal.

And I realize, I am lucky, as are millions of others. And thus, I am turning away from the constant newsfeed that is available to me to think about the good that was in this week.

– Out for my run Tuesday morning and I came up to a house where a woman was taking groceries out of her trunk. She put the bags down, clapped and cheered for me – but not for me, she was cheering for me as a runner – she was cheering for runners.

– This was the week where everything shifted from winter to spring. My world is green again. Buds on trees, flowers popping up, grass growing.

– Lying on the couch with two of my kids, each of us with our nose in a book for a good 20 minutes.

– Flip flops.

– A beer date.

– A race to look forward to. But not just a race – a *relay* race. A chance to run like a kid and hand off a baton to my friend and cheer wildly for them as they run their legs. You don’t often get to run a relay race when you’re an adult.

5 thoughts on “Looking for grace in a sad week

  1. That part about the woman clapping for you when you ran by almost brought me to tears, as have a lot of things this week. I’d like to blame my overflowing emotions on my hormones, but not this time. This time, as you said, I need to turn away from the news and be thankful, again, for my blessings.

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