Another weekend, another race

I’m heading out of town for the second Friday in a row. Gone again overnight, leaving my husband and kids behind. Last weekend it was less than 24 hours. This weekend is a slightly longer drive so it will be just over 24 hours. I have to be honest, it feels a little weird to make all these plans away from home. I never considered myself too much of a homebody but if it’s possible I might just be a familybody. I don’t mind going places – in fact, I LOVE going places – but I like to have my family with me.

I’m sure I’ll leave any lingering misgivings behind after 10 minutes on the road. There’s something about a peaceful trip in the car, sun shining, no one arguing, whatever I choose on the radio. I’m meeting a friend for lunch in Indy and then continuing the drive to Louisville. Tomorrow morning I’ll be helping my sister run her first half marathon. I’ll be running around Churchill Downs. I’ll be earning another 13.1 and I’m excited about the journey.

Every 13.1 is a journey. You never know exactly what those miles will hold. That’s the part of the challenge I love the most. Crossing that finish line is proof of an accomplishment. Proof that I am strong enough, healthy enough, determined enough. Proof that I met whatever that 13.1 gave me.

I hope that tomorrow’s half is full of strength and smiles. That’s why I’m racing this year – for the joy of it.

3 thoughts on “Another weekend, another race

  1. I love this post! You have become the 13.1 queen & helping family & friends to the finish is awesome. Have fun this weekend!

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