First Communion

Each spring I have the joy of watching a dozen or more children receive their First Communion. This year I had 20 children in my class. Children who I have spent every Sunday with for nearly eight months. I know these children by name, I have prayed for them all year. Watching them walk up with a mix of earnestness and excitement on their faces and hands outstretched to receive the Eucharist brings tears to my eyes. It is a very, very special day indeed.

This year it was even more special because my youngest, my handsome boy, was one of those earnest children.


J told me when I tucked him in that night at least twice what a good day he had. He woke up Monday morning, gave me a hug and told me again that he had such a great day on Sunday. Last night he said that he can’t wait to go to Mass and get his second Communion. It was a day shared with family and friends and at the same time, it was a day that was just between him and God.

There is no greater renewer of faith than children.


2 thoughts on “First Communion

  1. We’re excited for our big day this weekend! (Except I’m currently having a panic attack because I went online to order our food for lunch for 20 at our house after and the place we were ordering from doesn’t open until 3:00. Oh CRAP!)

    Amara is singing the Psalm on Sunday too. I’m totally going to cry.

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