Those nuns are downright sporty

Three or four times a year – usually on those last warm days of fall or the first warm days of spring – I shirk all responsibilities and head to Lake Michigan. I hike along its dunes. I sit on its shore and soak in the sound of the waves, the shades of blue and the breeze off the lake. It is my heart-home. It may make for some serious catching up but those hours at my Lake do wonders for my soul.

Yesterday was one of those golden days. I convinced a friend to join me and we hiked a 5 mile trail through woods, up & down dunes and along the shore. It was a lovely hike – 60 degrees and cloudy so we weren’t even too hot. Then we headed to the beach with chairs and books in hand. As if on cue, the sun came out. I don’t know how we managed to tear ourselves away. It was honestly a perfect, perfect day.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any more perfect it did.

There was a group of nuns having a picnic at the beach. And they came down on the beach – in full habit – to play catch, kick the soccer ball around and skip stones.


I was giddy. It was like the Nuns Having Fun calendar had come to life right before my eyes. They were laughing and talking and cavorting – all in full tights, polyester gowns and habits. Oh I loved it. If I had a better camera, I would have taken so many pictures. They waded in the water. They posed for pictures. They even ran on the beach. It was awesome.

Immediately after this picture, they lined up and ran up the beach.

This day will not just live in my memory as a beautiful day that fed my soul. It will forever be the day I watched a group of nuns play football on the beach.


4 thoughts on “Those nuns are downright sporty

  1. The fact that you got out to one of my favorite places on such a beautiful day makes me super jealous. BUT, I am so glad you had that. We all need those days. The fact that you got to see these nuns at play just rocks.

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