What I want to be when I grow up

I had a long swim yesterday and, as often happens during a long swim, my mind wandered to a variety of topics. I could take you down the trail that got me to today’s blog topic but it might induce whiplash – see my mind hops around a lot, it makes perfect sense to me but not always to others. At any rate, I started thinking about jobs I’d like to have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty happy with the one I’ve got but it’s always fun to dream.

The first career I remember wanting was a “tap-dancing nurse.” I know how I got the nurse part (which is laughable now considering what a poor caretaker I have grown up to be) but I’m not sure why I thought a tap-dancing nurse was a good idea. (Though I am a huge fan of a big tap dance number in musicals.) I think it would be awfully hard to put in an IV or take a pulse while tap-dancing.

The next career I aimed for was the first female president of the United States. Obviously, my sights were set a bit higher than the tap-dancing years. (Side note: It’s sad that I’m now old enough to be the President and there still hasn’t been a female president.)

Then I started getting all realistic… I was going to be a teacher, a chemist, an editor. What I ended up with wasn’t even possible when I graduated college. Funny how life works sometimes. But if I could choose NOW what to be when I grow up, I think I’d choose…

Personal Trainer: then I could workout all day and be in amazing shape for anything I wanted to do.

or maybe

A Chef: in a really small restaurant, the kind where everything is served family style and you can share a bottle of wine with me while I cook.

or maybe

A Book Reviewer: because getting paid to read AND write?!? Total win-win.

What would you be?


9 thoughts on “What I want to be when I grow up

  1. I would like to be a backcountry ranger….hike the mountains and take care of nature and the people in that. Not a lot of pay, but really think the benefits take care of themselves.

    1. You would be a great park ranger! I think my E might be a park ranger someday but the kind that works at historical sites… not the hiking kind.

      1. I like those kind too, but I like listening to them talk, in amazement of all the things they know. I don’t like doing the talking myself. E would be great at the talking part šŸ™‚ I would go and listen to her. I wanted to listen to the man at the National Archives for hours. My husband made me move on.

  2. I wanted to be a nun for so long that I made my elementary school friends call me Sister Erin. I was a really cool kid, obviously. Then I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, until I learned that it takes a lot of math and science.

  3. LOL at Sister Erin. I also wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but I think really I just wanted to swim with dolphins all day.

    I’d be a travel writer. Pay me to travel to exotic, far-flung locations? Sign me up!

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