I always choose B

When faced with something that isn’t easy I feel like you have two choices:

bikeA. Give up and move on to something easier.

B. Try harder.

Guess which one I always choose? I suppose there could be a third choice of never choosing something hard to begin with, but what’s the fun in that?

And so I will find a way to get stronger and improve my bike workouts. I will figure out how to sit with each of my kids when they eat dinner on those nights when we can’t all eat together. I will continue to reach out to friends even when they don’t take the time to reciprocate. I will focus on the things that are important and not get bogged down in immature games. And I’ll do my best to not complain about it. Because if you’re whining or complaining or feeling sorry for yourself… you’re not trying your hardest.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go for a bike ride.


2 thoughts on “I always choose B

  1. Great job for continuing to challenge yourself and try your hardest. I feel like I’ve been choosing the easy way out too often. Yesterday’s plan was a swim but the thought of getting all my stuff together, driving to the pool, changing, swimming, showering, changing again and getting all this done before K needed to be picked up from track was just too much. All I ended up doing was a 30 min bike ride. It was better than nothing but definitely not the workout it should’ve been.

  2. Plan B Rocks! I love your attitude. It also makes me want to make sure that I am working on my own plan Bs.

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