Grace in the future

It’s been a non-stop whirlwind around here for three-four weeks. Races, First Communion, baseball, swimming, tennis, school… it’s all good stuff but the juggling has been constant and fast for days on end. I like a fast-paced lifestyle but every once in a while I’d like a break and there hasn’t been one. For the first time in a month I’m looking at a weekend that has a couple opportunities for downtime. And by opportunities I mean something longer than 30 minutes where I’ll be allowed to actually sit down on the couch. So instead of looking back at the week and being thankful for small moments of grace, I’m going to look forward.

These are the small moments of grace I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Sleeping past 6 a.m. (I might even make it past 7 on Saturday… if I’m lucky)

2. A hike on the dunes followed by lunch at one of my favorite beach digs. That’s what I requested for Mother’s Day.

3. A Sunday afternoon with no responsibilities beyond reading.

4. Running beneath a row of blooming trees.


2 thoughts on “Grace in the future

  1. Sunday sounds great!!!
    Enjoy it, because you deserve it after surviving the whirlwind.
    I, only now, think about how my own mom must have done the same thing for several years at a time. But, as kids, that is just what our mothers “Do” right?

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