And there were no crumbs in my bed

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It started with me getting up earlier than the rest of the house to make everyone breakfast. I know this seems contrary to many Mother’s Day celebrations. No breakfast in bed. No crowded brunch scene. No little feet walking into my room with a handmade card and flowers. Nope. For this Mother’s Day I wanted a family adventure and I was determined to have everyone set off on the right foot.

After breakfast as a family and early Mass, we changed clothes and headed out for a beautiful hike on the dunes and shore of my most favorite Lake Michigan.





No one complained (well the 12yo started to complain but in mid-sentence said “But I’m not complaining!” and then stopped doing so). No one argued. The weather was great. We had lunch afterwards at one of my favorite spots by the beach. When I came home I got to take a nice, long nap. And there no were crumbs in my bed.

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