I should probably do some laundry

I woke up this morning thinking about the bike ride I’m planning. Trying to decide if I have enough time for a longer ride because I’m building back my endurance. Went to get dressed and realized… I don’t have any clean sports bras. This is a good problem and a bad problem.

Good: I did lots of working out last week.

Bad: I didn’t do enough laundry.

I should have suspected the problem when my daughter had to dig her tennis shirt out of the laundry and wear it dirty to her match last night. (Don’t tell anyone.) But I turned a blissfully ignorant eye to the issue and pretended it was okay that I was a day or so behind on laundry. I won’t let it derail my plans, however, because there’s still more good than bad in this situation:

Good: I’m working out alone today so if I find a sports bra that’s just slightly gross it won’t offend anyone.

Good: Biking isn’t a high impact sport, maybe there’s an old sports bra in the back of my drawer that will suffice.

You know, I should probably go bra shopping.


2 thoughts on “I should probably do some laundry

  1. I have 3 sports bras, which generally puts me in a bind if I don’t do mid-week laundry. Except that with my injury, I’m pretty much golden to stretch out laundry, so there is the silver lining, I suppose!

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