True Mom Confessions Part II

As I was out on my run this morning I was thinking it’s time for another true mom confessions. It’s really a thinly veiled attempt to not feel quite so guilty about the habits I’ve fostered around here. These are just some of the things that I’ve let my kids get away with recently. Please add some of your own so I don’t feel quite so alone.

– I let my 14yo set her own bed time and I often hear her talking on her phone when I’m ready to go to bed.

– I have completely abandoned the one hour of screen time each day rule. Luckily as the weather gets nicer they don’t want to watch as much TV or play on devices quite as often anyway.

– Closely related, I used to not let the kids watch TV before school. Now the 8yo watches something nearly every single morning.

– I don’t check homework every night.

– I dread going to school awards night. It’s long, hot and boring. Yes, I’m proud of my kids – chances are I’m proud of your kids too – but I find the whole thing to be a drudgery. If there’s a participation award they can possibly create, they’ll take 5 minutes to talk about it, hand it out and clap for each kid.

There, I got a few things off my chest. How about you?


6 thoughts on “True Mom Confessions Part II

  1. – We have had the same Home Reading book sitting on our counter for weeks. It’s so much easier to let Amara read to herself before bed than to sit with her and listen to every word of Judy Moody.

    – I told Amara I couldn’t watch her at gymnastics last night because the dog hadn’t been walked yet. Instead I went home and finished my book on the deck.

    – I brought a tin of cookies to work to share and then ate them all myself over the past week.

  2. I also hate honors night. And Also – the parents that yell and scream if their kid doesn’t get an honors award.

    I stick to the “no TV after dinner on school nights” rule. Except if they are invited to watch something with their parents. However – I pretend not to notice that my oldest watches TV on her computer (hulu) and my 13yo watches History channel and discovery channel shows on his kindle fire. And I haven’t yet made a rule about the hours of minecraft my 7yo plays on his ipod.

    I let my 7yo have a bagel with Nuetella for breakfast and pretend that since there are nuts in it that is is chock full of protien and nutrients. Also, frozen waffles drenched in syrup.

    Also nutrition related: I make “heathy” dinners most nights, but have completely given up caring about their lunches and let them eat whatever happens to be in the cafeteria.

    I refuse to care what my daughter’s room looks like and am counting down the days until she packs up all her stuff for college and is forced to deal with the mess.

    I could keep going šŸ™‚

    1. My 8yo had two toasted waffles with speculoos spread on them for breakfast today. But he also had an apple so I pretended that all balanced out.

      1. Frozen waffles is the bribery I use to get Amara out of bed on tough mornings. So they’re magic. Which makes them always acceptable.

  3. Some days I feel like I’ve completely given up on actual parenting. I’m only there to make sure there is food in the house and to be a taxi driver.

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