I’m so judgy

No judgy isn’t really a word. But it seems to fit the situation more than judgmental. Judgmental is a heavy, serious word. These are not heavy, serious topics on which I am being judgmental. So instead we’ll call it judgy…

We have new neighbors moving in next door. I don’t know anything about them. I have only seen who I am assuming is the man of the house once when he was unloading a pick up truck with a friend – we were leaving at the time so I waved and when I returned he was gone. This week as I took my lunch out to the deck I saw someone on their deck. There was a delivery truck in the driveway earlier so I assumed that this might be the woman of the house. She was standing on her deck smoking. She tossed her cigarette into the flower beds and went inside before I even had my plate set down. The fact that she was smoking and threw her butt in the flower beds makes me think I won’t like her.

It’s not nice but it’s true.

Earlier this week I saw a person who I know abhors all sorts of exercise wearing brand new, expensive, running clothes. I saw her again this morning wearing a different set of brand new, very cute, very expensive running clothes. She has a vacation coming up so I suspect she is attempting to exercise in the hopes that it will magically transform whatever she doesn’t like about her body in a few weeks time… or maybe she’s just dressing the part in the hopes that it will rub off.

I am obviously skeptical.

I am the person who sits to the side and has a constant, Joan Rivers-like commentary running through my head as I notice the way people dress. I’m not shallow enough to think that their clothes really say that much about them. I just like to get a good chuckle out of some people’s choices.

All the time, in my head, fair or not – I have snarky opinions and caustic asides. I’m so judgy.


7 thoughts on “I’m so judgy

  1. I judgied the two ladies walking down the street in coordinating workout clothes. It was odd, because they weren’t “matching” track suits or anything, because as we know, that would be AWESOME. But they obviously color coordinated to wear the exact same colors but in sligtly different variations.

  2. I get judgy like this too. I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same way about your neighbor smoking & also worrying that I’d be able to smell it in my house.

  3. The woman across the street from us not only smokes, but smoked through all of her pregnancies. I’m surprise she didn’t BURST INTO FLAMES from the force of my judging.

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