a life uncoordinated

I do not have a lot of coordination. Certainly not of the hand-eye variety, but if I’m being honest, I don’t really have much coordination anywhere in my body. Somehow I made it on dance team in high school despite the fact that our coach was constantly having to correct me on which was my right foot and which was my left. The fact that I can run regularly without falling down is little short of a miracle.

I have an assortment of bruises on my legs and arms and have no idea where they came from… because I run into things all the time.

I trip going up the stairs… regularly.

My kids don’t even want to be on my team if we’re playing any sort of physical game (or video game)… because I’m a liability.

So a few years ago when I tried my first triathlon, it was more than just a challenge of endurance – it was a challenge of coordination. I hadn’t ridden a bike (aside for a few slow rides on vacations) in years. It took weeks before I could successfully pull my water bottle out of its holder and take a drink without nearly falling over. In fact, I’m almost certain that the first few times I had to stop the bike to get a drink. In my first race I almost ran off the road and took a spill – not because I was racing so hard, but because I was trying to look at my watch for some feedback.

Knowing all of that about me, you’ll appreciate that I’m a little nervous today. Because today I’m going to try out a road bike for the first time. Skinny tires, low handlebars (my toes won’t be clipped in because I don’t have bike shoes, still they will be stuck in cages)… keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll be using all of mine to hold on. And I’ll probably have to stop when I need a drink.

Update Good news! I did NOT fall off the road bike (though I did have one wobbly moment as I struggled to get my foot out when I had to stop for traffic). And I went faster than I’ve ever gone before on the bike yet felt comfortable and easy the whole time. 15+mph without trying compared to 13mph with full effort? I officially have bike envy.


4 thoughts on “a life uncoordinated

  1. Go Barb! My road bike is still attached to the trainer and when I do take it outside again I’ll terrified to go over 12 mph, so I understand completely.

  2. I am pretty coordinated. I grew up playing and doing well at multiple sports. However, I still managed to bump into things, any chance I get. And sometimes I randomly trip over my own feet. Once I begged and begged and begged my track coach to let me try our the hurdles, and then I tripped on one of those cement parking lot blocks on my way out of practice and he told me “no way!” My dad used to say that I was the most clumsy athletic person he knew. I think, more than likely, this comes from me just rushing too much and not paying attention.

    But, all that being said, doing anything other than riding the bike, makes me nervous. I don’t think I could ever trap my feet in those clips. I am pretty sure I would die if I did that. I wish you good luck and may the force be with you today!

  3. this is my life! I once fell out of the clamps on my driveway…still got the scar to prove it. Deathly afraid of toe clips…won’t do it. And Sunday I choose to walk down the aisle in 3 inch heels…what was I thinking. Praying I don’t fall on my butt!!!

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