turning off the news

I learned something about myself on September 11, 2001. I can only take so many images, so many words, so many reports of tragedy. I distinctly remember being glued to the television all day that day and then at approximately 9:30 that night I stood up and said enough. I would read the headlines to keep up on the news but I was done with the exhaustive reporting, the never ending images of destruction and death. Done.

So today when these unbelievably sad, terrible things happen… the Newtown shootings, the Boston bombing, the tornado in Oklahoma… I learn what’s happening. I find tears welling up in my eyes as I imagine the pain and fear and sadness those people are going through. I pray. And I turn off the news.

In today’s society there is so, so much to take in with these tragedies and I can only take so much. I’m not burying my head in the sand. I’m doing what those people wish they could do, I’m living my life. I’m loving my children. I’m praying.


5 thoughts on “turning off the news

  1. I so get this! And good for you – I think it’s harder to turn it all off sometimes than it should be. It’s better for me to turn it all off as well. I live in Boston – and gave in to paying attention all day when they were hunting that kid…really had a bad effect on me. Looking back, I can say I definitely should have turned it off!

  2. Yes, there are certain things I have to turn off… anything with elementary school age kids is one of them. It doesn’t mean they’re far from my heart and prayers, but I just can’t handle the constant stream of it.

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