an internal argument

I woke up arguing with myself. This week’s workouts have kicked my butt and I need a rest day. I have that exhausted feeling from top to bottom. I am not sure why I’m worn out – no extra mileage this week but I suppose I did do some workouts that I haven’t done in a while. At any rate, I need a rest day. I’m a big believer in the value of rest and recovery time for your muscles so I shouldn’t have an issue with it. So where’s the argument? It’s all about timing.

I am going to take today off, I thought about it last night and feel even more certain this morning.

But if I don’t workout today I may not get to workout all weekend and that’s THREE rest days. That’s just excessive.

If I get up early tomorrow I can go for a run. Well, if I pack tonight for our weekend trip AND get up early in the morning, then I can go for a run.

But we have friends coming over and we both know you’re not going to want to get up early, especially since you’re not in training for anything right now. There’s no schedule to make you feel guilty about resting.

Exactly – I’m not on a training schedule right now, I’m just maintaining and having fun. There’s no good reason to push it.

But I really need more time on the bike and even if I do manage to drag myself out of bed tomorrow there won’t be time for a bike ride. Today there’s time for a bike ride.

I am a stubborn person and I’m not sure if I’m stubborn enough to stick to giving myself a break – even if it means I don’t workout for three days in a row. Because there’s a part of me that is equally as stubborn about taking advantage of the schedule, and today’s schedule works for a bike ride. But really… what’s the big deal in taking a three day break anyway?

See, I’m still arguing.


3 thoughts on “an internal argument

  1. Ha!! This is funny. And I agree, since you are taking 3 days off anyway, what you do today is totally up to you. And if your body says you need to rest, then enjoy all 4 days!

  2. I’m kind of going through that same thing right now, figuring out how to stay motivated to run when there isn’t a big race looming on the horizon. The flip side, though, is that running is a lot more fun without the pressure. Four miles at sunset is pretty awesome.

  3. I read on another blog recently about the tendency to be in the “just do it” mindset….people who don’t exercise like we do would think we’re crazy—of COURSE it’s ok to take 3 rest days! In the long run, it doesn’t matter. In 5 years–heck, in 6 months—these 3 rest days won’t matter a bit. But what MAY matter is a healthy body and mind. Rest up, my friend!

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