the boat ride

We stayed at my in-laws for the long holiday weekend. They live on a beautiful river and one of our favorite things to do while there is go out for boat rides. When the kids were little they would bounce from side to side to feed the ducks or exclaim at the swans or see other boats. I remember one summer where J obsessively counted flagpoles as we meandered down the river. If there was enough boat traffic to make “waves” the kids would jump up and “surf” them as the boat rocked.

I noticed on this weekend’s boat ride that things were much more mellow. The youngest glared at me for making him wear a life jacket but only switched spots on the boat once. At which point his father changed the life jacket rule much to J’s delight.


The middlest happily sat in the front and chattered away for the entire ride.


And the oldest… well actually, boat rides haven’t changed much for her. When she was a toddler it was a running joke that if K needed another nap we’d just take a boat ride.


Some things change, some stay the same.


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