A Wednesday morning snapshot

My sleep pattern last night looked like this: 2.5 hours… woke up because something was chirping, found source and pulled out batteries, tried to sleep but husband’s snoring and thunderstorm kept me up for 2 hours… fell asleep so alarm could go off 2 hours later. Not the best night of sleep. Yet I still dragged myself out of bed and was out the door before 6am for a run. I like to do speedwork on these early Wednesdays. It guarantees I’ll be home in plenty of time to manage school morning duties.

I ran out to the track at the middle school. Did some 400 repeats and ran home. There was one other runner there. He was doing 800s today. We would smile (grimace) as we passed each other cooling down. It’s muggy, with the occasional raindrop falling but no rain today. I walk in the door and both girls are up, eating breakfast, nose deep in their phones or books.

The oldest goes upstairs first (as she always does). Her bedroom is above my office so I can hear her music as she gets ready. The middlest takes as long as possible at breakfast. Not to eat… just to attempt to avoid the inevitable. She asks for the weather report and stomps upstairs to get dressed.

The husband leaves. He is oblivious to the above, well I’m pretty sure he knew that I left the house for a run this morning but that’s it.

The youngest wakes up at this point. Gives me a long hug but stops short of the usual climb in my lap when he realizes that I’m still a bit on the sweaty side. I changed clothes but I don’t think I’d want to hug me for very long either.

I will drive carpool in a few minutes. The car will either be silent or full of girlish chatter. Other than the heavy scent of various body sprays, one never knows what to expect with pre-teen/teenage girls in the car. I will return home to eat breakfast, make breakfast for the boy, read to him from our latest Breakfast Book (the fifth in the Harry Potter series). I will make him lunch and walk him to school.

Wednesday morning.


One thought on “A Wednesday morning snapshot

  1. I like seeing this snippet of your morning.
    And no one will hug me after I run, they don’t even get close 🙂

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