Tasty Thursday: Sunday Brunch Menu

We have a special Sunday this weekend. Our oldest will be making her Confirmation. Mass is in the morning and I’ve invited family and close friends to join us for brunch afterwards. I spent some time putting together a menu for Sunday, something I always do when I’m having people over. I thought I’d share the menu here and make this an occasional feature of my weekly food posts.

I’m a big believer in menu planning. It makes having people over much more manageable because I can break the needs up into pieces. And when an event is more manageable, it tends to be more enjoyable for everyone. In that spirit, here’s the brunch menu I’ve put together for Sunday.

Spring Brunch Menu

Ready on the counter when people arrive (or in this case, quickly set out when we get home from Mass):
– Fruit Tray
– Cheese Tray

Main Course:
– Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus
Cinnamon French Toast Pudding
– Make-Ahead Scrambled Eggs
– Chicken Skewers

Sweet Endings:
Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake
Cream Cheese Dessert Dip with assorted apples & graham crackers

– Orange Juice
– Cranberry Fizz (cranberry juice & prosecco)
– Coffee

I can prepare almost everything on that menu the day before. That morning before Mass I’ll need to cut the fruit, wrap the asparagus in bacon and put the french toast in the crock pot. When we get home, we’ll get out the fruit & cheese and talk, pour drinks, take pictures while the asparagus, eggs and chicken cook.

I love menu planning.


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