Let the balancing act begin

This is the first full week of summer and it’s time to sharpen my juggling skills. I still have a full calendar of work projects. And now I have kids that need to be taken to & from sports camp, summer gym, band camp etc. None of those things happen at the same time of course, though just close enough that I’ll have bursts of 30-45 minutes between car trips. On top of that I’ve added the somewhat time intensive olympic triathlon training.

It’s a definite challenge keeping everything straight. I’m hoping for lots of bursts of productivity and the promise of a few moments of downtime to actually enjoy having the kids home instead of always telling them to be quiet so I can concentrate or make a work call.

This is how summer works when you work from home and have active kids. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit of a blur.

One thought on “Let the balancing act begin

  1. My calendar is quite colorful this summer – I’m working some, the kids have stuff, and I’ve managed to double or triple book us at times. Very poor planning on my part.

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