A muddy hike

Yesterday Miss E had a clarinet lesson that was about a 45 minute drive away. Far enough that I couldn’t just drop her off for the hour, I’d need to stay in the area. This location was close to my favorite beach but at a 15 minute drive not quite close enough. It was nice enough that I thought about bringing a book and just finding a shady spot to read. Then I remembered that we were also close to a nature preserve with a nice set of trails.

I convinced J and his buddy to come along and we went for a hike. I lured them with the promise of frogs since J & I have found frogs here before. There were no frogs in sight this day however, but there was plenty of mud. It must have rained hard out that way earlier in the day (there was no rain at our house) and within a quarter mile we started skirting mud puddles.

Wait – that’s the point of the post – SOME of us skirted the mud puddles. Others of us who live in this house and whose names start with J decided it would be more fun to just walk through them. Which eventually turned into stomping through them. Which eventually turned into running and splashing through them. And some of them were more than 12 feet long blocking the entire trail. That boy was a muddy mess and his shoes were all but ruined. I think his friend was waiting for me to get upset. I just laughed though. That’s what summer hikes should be about:

– throwing sticks in the creek and watching how fast they float downstream
– climbing & leaping on the boulders at water’s edge to find a good spot to sit and stick your feet in
– splashing in mud puddles


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