Father’s Day

I don’t know how other families celebrate Father’s/Mother’s Days. In our house it’s taken us a few years to get into a rhythm and realize that no major gifts are necessary. No breakfasts in bed. No ties and aftershave. Nothing over the top. In our house, these days are intended to be a break for that respective parent. They get to call the shots that day.

So on Mother’s Day I got my hike and lunch at a yummy restaurant. And for Father’s Day, my husband got to sit in his basement all day and watch the U.S. Open uninterrupted. I’m going to be honest and admit that as far as Sundays go – his pick wasn’t that much different than the norm. But we made his favorite dinner and the kids did a pretty remarkable job of not bickering or interrupting him.

He deserved the break yesterday (and yes, most Sundays) because he’s the one that works all day during the week to make sure his family has a comfortable home and can take those crazy road trips I plan. He’s the one that makes sure the finances are balanced each month so we know we can buy the boy new shoes when he outgrows them every 10 weeks. He’s the one that gives the biggest hugs in the house.


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