Summer training

I only have one race on my summer calendar and it’s a big one: an Olympic Triathlon (my first). With an endurance race like this, there is a lot of training involved. Six days a week of training and there is no let up on any of those days. This is how my week looks this week:

– Monday: 50 minute swim 1.1 mile
– Tuesday: 30 minute bike ride – interval workout – 8 miles
– Wednesday: 60 minute bike ride – tempo ride – 15 miles (this is usually followed by a 10 minute run but every 3rd week I get to drop the run)
– Thursday: 50 minute swim 1.25 mile
– Friday: rest
– Saturday: 2 hours on the bike, followed immediately by 20 minutes running
– Sunday: 60 minutes running

I’ve had 50+ miles of training every week since I started this plan and that number is just going to keep going up through July. As you can imagine this takes a lot of time. Since it’s summer I’ve been heading out early to beat the heat. I usually make sure the oldest is up & out the door on time for summer gym at 6:45 and then I leave for whatever training adventure is set for the day. My younger two sometimes are still asleep when I get back. More often than not they are greeted in the morning by breakfast laid out on the counter and a note:


When I signed up for this race, I knew the primary challenge would be the training. Finding the time. Logging the miles. Making sure my body is ready to put together 32 miles of racing at one time. I’m feeling stronger but I’m also wary of feeling a little burned out. I’ve got a step-back week on the calendar that nicely coincides with our family beach vacation. I’m hoping that lower stress training week will give me just the boost I need to finish July strong. There are some ugly bricks (the bike/run workouts) ahead of me and I’ll need all the boosting and mental fortitude I’ve got to get through them.

I’m reminded of how I felt during the marathon training. It’s the training that is the true challenge. If you can get through that, race day should be a celebration of all your hard work. That’s what I keep telling myself as I feel my tired legs, my shaky arms, my tight back, my hunger pangs. The whole summer is my challenge. Thank goodness the kids are old enough to pour their own cereal.


4 thoughts on “Summer training

  1. And you are rocking that training!!!
    Glad you planned a step back week, though. Those are just as important. As are vacations :). It does get easier as the kids get older too.

  2. I’ve said this already, but I am so impressed. I can’t imagine doing one of these workouts in a day, let alone two of them. It’s definitely going to pay off in the end!

  3. You are amazing!! And if in WD you’re only able to float around the lazy river and hobble to the hot tub, I’m totally down with that. 🙂

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